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In the past 2 months, Janine Elliot - ex BBC sound engineer and professional musician, who has the ability to play 25 instruments - compared our icOn TVC preamplifier to her 4 times more expensive, "world's best" preamp listening to her own compositions. We can't imagine a more authentic reviewer.

Her conclusion was: "...this is an exceptionally well thought out and clever unit for those wanting the clarity and purity of passive but with additional features turning the technology truly into the 21st century... In terms of features and originality, it is in many ways an outstanding product and well worthy of your attention."

Read more about Janine’s findings on Hifi Pig:


"Occasionally I find a product that instantly raises the joy level from my audio system - this is one. For several weeks the icOn had substituted for my own reference system Sachem Pure preamplifier (which provides less control), and had been a highly satisfying stand-in, yet at roughly a third of the cost. I had witnessed music playback with a consistently lively presentation, and the sense that nothing was standing in the way of the music. Yet I had very convenient control and support for my Sachem monoblock power amplifiers in doing their job highly effectively.

The icOn is sleek and modern in appearance, wonderfully effective as a sophisticatedly customisable and upgradeable volume control and source switch, and so easy to use. This product epitomises the realisation of high performance at a sensible cost, and its creator has done this through creative thinking, passionate commitment to the experience of music, and appropriate and clever design and engineering. This has created outstanding value and a surprisingly affordable price through impassioned innovation."

Richard Varey, TNT - New Zealand


It takes the transformer volume control (TVC) passive preamplifier to a new higher level by providing the listener with absolute control over the source and volume of the music.

Unlike other passive preamplifiers, it uses a sophisticated digital interface to enable the listener to select the music of their choice from the convenience of the arm-chair and adjust the volume for maximum enjoyment.

What's more it's totally transparent,
unobtrusive and is competitively priced.
You will forget it's there as it has no musical signature of its own.

Benefits and advantages of icOn

Suits you

icOn is a smart, passive transformer based control unit, that enables the listener to select a musical programme from a range of sources and adjust the volume to suit YOUR listening environment


The sound level can be adjusted remotely with a total of 45 steps, 39 of which are 1dB, meaning that the changes in level is seamless, with the channel balance adjusted in 1dB steps should this be necessary


icOn is 100% passive and sonically transparent which connects the artiste to the listener without addition or subtraction of anything

Remote control

All functions such as volume (up and down), balance, mute, source selection, and tape loop, sleep are controlled remotely with an Apple remote

Special features

Automatic level matching of inputs for sources with varying output levels, TFT display,  balance function and exemplary (0.05 dB) channel balance


The firmware is upgradable through a standard USB port which means that the listener can add new features as and when they become available

Learn about the icOn
from the Owner's Manual

icOn has been designed by us to provide the highest sound quality possible and provide an enjoyable user experience free from the hassles normally associated with manually controllable passive preamplifiers.

Are you a Techie?

A 100% passive attenuator unquestionably produces the cleanest and purest line stage of all.

Handcrafted in the UK,
not mass produced!


Client's Feedback

Hi Pal,
Well received the icon today and setup into my system.
Thanks for putting my name into the unit, it looks so unique. I tried many CD today using TVC mode and sound similar to my Django, with improvement on both clarity and bass.

Richard Chow, Hong Kong

Comparison of passive magnetic preamps

function or parametericOn TVC preampgeneral magnetic passive preamp
volume control deviceTVC and AVC , changeable and comparable anytimeAVC or TVC, but only one kind
number of volume steps4524
volume step size1dB2dB
balance controlyesno
tape monitor loopyesno
full remote control: volume, inputs and other functionsyesno
menu for customisationyesno

The key to icOn is its flexibility
in being customisable to YOUR requirements

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