Pal Nagy - designer of icOn tvc preamp

“icOn TVC is manufactured in Manchester by the Hungarian born Pal Nagy who likes to describe himself as a 28 years old humble electrical engineer with 58 years’ experience in his backpack. He certainly has lots of youthful energy creating something totally unique and with many other really exciting ideas in his backpack which, no doubt, we will be experiencing soon.  He started his engineering life in Hungary in the 80s, developing high-tech professional measuring equipment such as FFT analysers and DSP based military gear. After ten years he left his engineering job for different management positions in the IT industry, then turned to a new world of natural therapies, meditation, mind techniques and established a small company selling online health and wellness related products. 5 years ago he and his wife moved to the UK from where his ventures in audio began, starting up Life-Changer Audio UK in 2016 with his mentor and friend Gary Gardner.”
From Janine Elliot, Hifi Pig

Our aim is to invent, develop and produce the smartest, most sophisticated passive preamplifier in the world! We are not just about making another fancy box for audiophiles – although we do that well too?

I believe that people with passion like me can change the audio world for the better. Those people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that actually do!

Pal Nagy, founder of Life-Changer Audio UK