Comparison of passive magnetic preamps

Function or parametericOn TVC preampgeneral magnetic passive preamp
volume control deviceTVC and AVC , changeable and comparable anytimeAVC or TVC, but only one kind
number of volume steps4524
volume step size1dB2dB
balance controlyesno
tape monitor loopyesno
full remote control: volume, inputs and other functionsyesno
menu for customisationyesno
display with all essential infoyesno
automatic input level matchingyesno
built in microprocessor with smart functionsyesno
future-proof through firmware upgradeyesno
switching deviceminiature hermetically sealed reed relaysopen contact rotary switches
mechanical life of switches (number of switch cycles)approx. one billionless than one hundred thousand
trigger output for power amplifieryesno
outputsunbalanced and balancedusually unbalanced
custom builtyesusually no
warranty2 years1 years
price £ 1,500 - £ 2,000 £ 2,000 - £ 10,000